cheers to bunny shakes

With Easter just a day away, Ellies bunny anticipation is getting real. So I decided to surprise her with a pre-yummy Easter treat! The Easter bunny shake is not only super adorable but fun and so easy to make!! A perfect way to ease the anticipation a bit!

So lets get to making these adorable bunny shakes! First start with foil wrapped hollow chocolate bunny.

Carefully tear a bit of the foil around the bunny ears. Next cut the tip off the bunny ear( I used a knife), until you create a big enough space for a funnel and straw.

Next step, shake time ! Ellies favorite shake flavor is vanilla, so thats what I went with. But feel free to fancy it up, add in candy or your favorite shake combo or topping!

Once your shake is ready to be added to the bunny, gently place your funnel in bunny ears and carefully pour shake into bunny cup. Add some whip cream, any other toppings, and a straw!

Cheers to Easter bunny milkshakes!! Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

xoxo- Michele