It's been too long since I've done a blog post, hence my 6+ week hiatus! I just recently got back from traveling all over Europe and wanted to share my experience with you all! First off I wanted to fill you all in on how I packed for a 6+ week trip with minimum access to washers and dryers. I personally have trouble narrowing down pieces to bring for shorter trips, but this time I knew I had to get serious and really plan out what I actually NEEDED vs. what might just get squished at the bottom of MY SUITCASE and never see daylight (who else tends to overpack?!?)

Our trip was scheduled from late April to the beginning of June, so I took a look at the local weather for each place to get a feel for what I may need. I picked out a few statement jackets to layer outfits with and to stay warm on chillier days. Definitely did not expect it to get as cold as it did, but luckily I packed extra layers and was able to borrow a winter jacket from my bother-in-laws sister! :) My go to was THIS DENIM JACKET--THE PERFECT FIT, COLOR, & COMFORT to complete any look! I also picked out some jackets that were unique and colorful to layer with basics. THIS PINK JACKET was super cute to add a pop of color to any outfit! I also loved THIS FRAYED JACKET to add an edgey feel and it's sooo soft!! I've linked a few more jackets I packed with me below :)









Next I picked out a few dresses, all different lengths but mostly stuck to basic colors and fun prints! What I love about dresses is how many different ways you can get away with wearing them by just adding a top, sweater or jacket! One of my favorite dresses was this one (I linked a similar one) I wore when we went to the tulip fields in Holland (will share that experience another time !!) I also packed a few sets, so I could mix and match the tops and skirts. I wore THIS WHITE SET & THIS BLUE FLORAL SET a lot together and separately! One of my other favorite sets I packed was a vintage 1940s polka dot set I purchased from eBay, and wore in Amalfi. I was super surprised I found some many GREAT CONDITION vintage pieces on eBay ( it was my first time ever using eBay, and now I have a little addiction to biding on vintage pieces LOL ) I totally recommend eBay if you're looking for something unique!!





As for bottoms, I packed two pairs of jeans and these shorts--literally lived in these denim shorts!! For my travel outfit I wore Lululemon align leggings because comfort :) I also packed this leopard skirt which I wore a of couple different ways! That was pretty much it for bottoms because I would layer my dresses to look like skirts or wear a skirt from a set, and wa-lah a new look!!

Towards the end of our trip we hit warmer weather so I saved some outfits for this leg of the trip. Like THIS WHITE LINEN DRESS (linked similar dress) & STRIPE SET as well as brought out my bathing suits to play in the sun! My favorite EXTRA EXTRA bathing suit was this one I purchased from amazon. I also LOVE THIS BIKINI I wore in Mallorca, super comfortable and cute!

Last up, the accessories and shoes! I've been loving the ugly sneaker paired with a dress look, especially for sightseeing. So I purchased these FILA sneaks and literally wore them the entire time! For a more put together look I brought my two favorite shoes from Bill Blass. THIS WHITE PAIR & PINK PAIR -- I love the detail, vintage feel and the colors of these shoes. So perfect to dress up any look! One of my favorite accessories are sunglasses. I always pick up a couple of new pairs before any trip I go on!! I usually purchase them through amazon, forever21 and freepeople. THIS PAIR were my favorite for this trip!! My last esstential accessory, Statement Earrings! I don't wear as much jewelry as I liked too, I tend to loose smaller pieces. But the one thing I can keep tabs on are earrings, especially my Bauble Bar earring. By far my favorite brand when it comes to a good statement piece! Here are a few of my favorites :




As I mentioned before we had limited laundry access over our 6 week trip but honestly it wasn't as hard as I expected it! (especially with a 4 year old) By packing smart I didn't run into any dirty laundry crisis. We did have to wash some basic items the old fashion way, aka sink and detergent but it wasn't too bad and really makes you appreciate the convenience of a washer and dryer! We had a couple of stops that had at least a washer so we utilized it to the max and came up with creative ways to dry our things fast! (hair dryers, irons, etc. LOL )

Before this adventure my longest trip away from home was 3 weeks. So this trip was by far the longest I had been on the road EVER and defininetly a learning experience for my future getaways!! All in all organizing is KEY when it comes to long adventures like this one! Forget overpacking and bring it back to the basics and essentials. From there add the extras to highlight your personality to create amazing memories and showcase who you were in that moment! Hope this helps a bit for you're future getaways and as always if you have any questions please leave a comment below :) and feel free to message me about discount codes :) 'till next time!

With lots of love,