Positano Pizza

One of our stops on our recent trip was too the Amalfi coast and lets just say I had my fair share of CARBS! There's just something about the fresh smell of a pizza pie coming straight out of the oven that nobody should ever deny, am I right?!? Now being back in the States and entering the summer season, pizza for every meal isn't the magic fat loss solution. (unfortunately LOL)

When I arrived home I received a package from one of my favorite brands Kodiak Cakes. They just released a new All Purpose Protein packed baking mix, and the first thing I noticed on the packaging was a recipe for PROTEIN PIZZA CRUST!!! I have dabbled in my fair share of protein alternative recipes (good and bad) and I new I wanted to try this one out.


So I gathered the ingredients, mixed them up, added the toppings and popped my pizza creation into the oven! 10 minutes later I was ready to dig in and boy was I surprised with how yummy it came out!!! The crust was pretty thick but I think that was due to not having a rolling pin on hand. But let's just say I'm hooked to this reciepe not only for the great macros but how filling and tasty it truly was !! I can't wait to get back in the kitchen and try out some other recipes with this baking mix! (I've been eying down the chocolate chip cookie one) Who says losing fat has to be boring and resistictive?!! :) Ingredients & Instructions below:



- 2 Cups Kodiak Baking Mix

- 1 Envelope Dry, rapid-acting yeast

- 3/4 Cup Warm water

- 1 TSP Honey

- 3 TSP Olive Oil

- 1/4 TSP Salt


-Whisk together warm water, yeast packet, and honey.

-Let sit for 2-3 mins.

-Stir in remaining ingredients until dough forms

-Place dough onto lightly floured surface

-Gently knead until no longer sticky

-Replace dough in original bowl

-Cover with plastic wrap and let it sit for 15-60 mins

-Roll dough on lightly floured surface

-Add your favorite pizza toppings

-Bake at 475 F for 12-15 minutes

-Makes one 10 inch pizza


With love always,