Happy fall, y'all! Who's ready for sweater weather, bonfires, hayrides and all forms of apple spice and everything nice?! We visited our local apple farm last weekend and Ellie had so much fun picking out gala, pink lady and golden delicious apples-- a great mix for so many yummy fall recipes!

Now the hard part: figuring out what yummy apple recipe to make first ! Since I'm not the biggest fan of the traditional apple pie (I LOVE apples in most forms but idk why but since I was little, apple pie was never my favorite dessert) I decided on whipping up some caramel apples but with a twist, a healthier twist! One of my FAVORITE protein recipes ever, you literally can't taste the difference! I also made non-protein caramel apples for Ellie so it was a win win! So without further ado, heres what you'll need to make fall even sweeter!


3 Apples

1 protein bar of choice- I used S'mores Quest Bar or you can make your own!

1/4 cup Syrup- you can use honey or SF syrup- whichever you prefer!

1/4 cup Almond Milk- milk of choice

toppings- I used graham crackers


Melt down protein bar, syrup and milk.

Until it becomes a caramel consistency.

Use a spoon or knife and spread protein caramel mixture on apples.

Add toppings.

Refrigerate until caramel sets.

Slice apple up, enjoy!!

Protein Caramel Apples

For Ellies apples I just used store bought caramel and we had so much fun decorating them! Even more fun eating them, I didn't get a picture of her apple creations! But I'm sure this won't be the last time will be making them this fall, so I'll share those creations next time! Hope you guys have just as much fun as we did making them!!!

With love,