Who else is in full swing halloween mode?! Over the years we have opt out of buying the party-city-ready costumes and gone to the DIY Halloween Costume side. We have so much fun making our halloween costumes in past years, this year we decided to create a fun video showing how easy it is to use ONE black dress to make FIVE different looks. With the help of accessories and makeup, the options are endless for a last minute costumes. Here are the FIVE looks we came up with:


There are so many ways to make this costume!! We were able to find two dresses that were our bases for each look ! Even though Ellies dress was an adult size, it worked perfectly for each look we were going for. We purchased these dresses from H&M - they have a bunch of options when it comes to Skeltons this year! We simply added flower crowns and face stickers we purchased from amazon. I LOVE face stickers because they are super easy to apply and there's NO MESS!!


For this look we purchased ears and tail from Target for $3 each. With turned our Skelton dresses inside out and layered them with fur vests. Added a dark lip, freckles, and nose! Super easy&cute!


This look is one of my favorites, not only because I love all things flowers and fairies, but because we purchased everything for this look from our local DOLLAR STORE! Again we turned our Skelton dress inside out, added dollar store wings, skirt, and wand. For my rose garden look, I just pinned two ropes of flowers to my black dress!


Again with this look we turned our Skelton dress inside out, added a white collard shirt(that we had already), braids, and a dark lip. Ellie had a lot of fun with this look, still working on the snapping part lol.


Now this look was the cutest, just because Ellie had so much attitude for this one! Again we simply turned our Skelton dress inside out, added long gloves, pearls, put our hair in a bun, and added mini tiaras. Too cute!!!

Here are a few other DIY costumes from past years! Hope this gives you guys some inspiration for your halloween looks this year! Last minute or planned out; you can always find things around the house to make any look complete and your own. Always remember to have fun with it!

Love Always,