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Anyone else struggle with fine, flat, dull hair? Some hair days are better than others, but when I'm having a bad hair day, my whole vibe is thrown off. So when I heard about Pantene's 14 Day Challenge, I was super excited to try out their Sheer Volume Collection, formulated for my fine, flat hair type. Pantene has many different collections to suit ALL hair types, so if you struggle with the bad hair day blues; I encourage you to take the challenge to more great hair days!!

Day one of the challenge I woke up after using the Sheer Volume Shampoo&Conditioner the night before, and instantly could tell my hair was off to a good start. My hair felt lighter and was less tangled, making it easier to work with! So I decided I would add in a few curls and see how long they'd last. I went along my morning routine, grabbed my coffee with a bit more confidence. Dropped Ellie off at the school. My hair felt good, I felt good. Thats whats important people, feeling our BEST!! Oh and my curls lasted all day long, so day one was a great hair day.

Hitting the seven day mark, I noticed my hair didn't look or feel greasy like it usually would after a day. I run and lift 5-6 days a week, and shower sometimes twice a day; leaving my hair flat and dull. After only 7 days I noticed my hair had more volume that held up throughout the day!!

After 14 days of the Pantene challenge I couldn't believe how much lighter my hair felt! My fine hair has a big problem with getting tangled up and now my tangles are at a low!! My hair feels healthier and I love how shiny it looks. I find myself now styling my hair more often as it's more workable, which I'm loving!

My experience with this challenge went really well and I'm happy with the results! Wish I did it sooner!! Anyone thats looking for more great hair days, what are you waiting for?! Give it a go!! I know when I'm having a great hair day my confidence is up and I'm overall just feel happy!! Nothing to lose; but fine, flat, and dull hair :) and bad hair days, we could all do with less of them.

With Love,


This Post is sponsored by Pantene. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


New York, NY, USA



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