BandAids, Tylenol, and baby shampoo were just a few Johnson&Johnson products around our house growing up and still are today! I was so excited when Johnson&Johnson invited me to a weekend "bootcamp" to learn more about J&J's new innovations and how they are way more than just BandAid's.

Our first night was hosted in NYC at Johnson&Johnson's JLABS, where we had the opportunity to meet well known investor, Daymond John. He shared his journey with us, as well as left us with great advice.

Next we were introduced to Melinda Richter, the Global Head of J&J innovation, JLABS. Melinda explained to us that JLABS is a hub that helps entrepreneurs get the start they need, by giving them an advantage they wouldn't have on their own.

One half of JLABS NYC property fosters a community where they can support each other and share their ideas. The other half is filled with millions of dollars of lab equipment, for surgical innovations, consumer health plays, and other innovations. This equipment allows innovators to create the "proof of concept" needed to present to brands for financing. What I found most interesting is that, J&J doesn't take ownership of anything these scientists are doing. JLABS has an on-site operations team and business services team to aid scientists to grow and scale their companies. Many are just scientists with innovative ideas and concepts, but not necessarily the background to implement them. JLABS will give them the best business insight, even if it means recommending a pitch to a competing company. Creating this space, JLABS allows consumers and patients the access to new innovations that wouldn't be possible without their support and funding.

Walking down the halls I could feel the energy from the scientists. Many of which had inspiring stories attached to personal events that drove them to find new innovations and ways to solve real world, life enhancing, life saving technologies. Before Melinda toured us through JLABS, she left us with these inspiring words, "J&J does this because, first and foremost, its about the patients...When we come here we're coming to a place that serves a higher purpose, its beyond making profits, that its really about something thats bigger than all of ourselves."

Not only is J&J focusing on issues in our own country, but they have started opening JLABS all over the world. The issues effecting us here in the United States are not necessarily the same as they may be in Shanghai, Toronto, or Belgium; each of which has its own JLABS location. Overall, the world isn't necessarily lacking scientists, but in the access to funding and resources for new innovations and research. Johnson&Johnson is making a massive effort in solving this issue, by connecting more scientists to those resources and creating a community for these scientists to share their thoughts and ideas with one another. JLABS is on the forefront of aiding emerging companies to transform the scientific discoveries of today into the breakthrough health care products of tomorrow.

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This post is sponsored by Johnson&Johnson. All opinions are my own.