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Kid Approved Things To Do In Tulum

We were a little hesitate to book a trip to Tulum because we knew it had a reputation for lots of partying and were unsure if the restaurants and hotels were actually kid-friendly. After a little research and countless recommendations we decided to book a couple of different hotels for our 6 nights in Tulum.

Our plan was to stay in Rivera Maya for a few nights before heading to Tulum. We stayed at one our of favorite mega resorts The Grand Moon Palace. This place does not disappoint, there is SO much to do for kids and the food is amazing!

After a few days of the Palace Life we headed to Tulum. About an hour and a half drive later we finally arrived in Tulum. I'd been seeing a lot of hype around Tulum, so I was so curious to see for myself what makes Tulum so magical!

As soon as we arrived I could see what everyone was talking about, this place was so cool. So many amazing shops, style, vibes. Pure magic all around. We were ready to explore!

First stop.

Kid Friendly Hotels:

Coco Tulum- Upon arriving Ellie spotted a hammock located in lobby, the perfect spot to chill while we checked in.

Shortly after checkin we were taken to the beach, while we waited for our room. We ordered margaritas, guac&chips--and I must say their guac might have been the best I had in Tulum!

They are also known for their swing bar-- makes for the perfect spot at happy hour -- to take in that beautiful sunset!

We had the cutest path to our room!! Ellie quickly spotted our very own hammock right in front of our hut for the night!

Our room was the perfect size, clean, and had the cutest shell faucet!

We loved staying here but would def recommend the other two hotels over this one when staying with little ones :)

CoCo Limited-this hotel has a pool, making it a perfect spot for kids!!

There beach is also very big and has a great layout.

Their rooms are the perfect size, air conditioning, and clean! The spicy margaritas were really good too! Ellie swam in the pool the whole time, she had a blast!! Would totally recommend this place for families!

Luv Hotel- this spots a gem. With only 12 rooms, it's a small boutique hotel with the most breathtaking beach!

The staff here was so friendly and treated us like family!! They greeted us with spicy margaritas- my favorite one by far!! The location was also a major plus. Literally across the street was the best pizza place, matcha mama, nekhtar, the real coconut, etc. Although this hotel doesn't have air conditioning we had no problem with that. The rooms are rustic and you have to be realistic that you will encounter bugs like most places in Tulum.

I loved the beach, the size was perfect for kids to play!! Ellie even made a few friends :)

Transportation: We thought about renting a car, and probably will next time directly from the airport. We had absolutely no problem getting taxis around Tulum. Plus lots of things are in walking distance--it's so fun!!


Our first dinner spot ended up being our FAVORITE SPOT:

Charly's Vegan Tacos- yes, this place is vegan!! Which we love and we were so excited to try this place out after hearing so many good reviews. This taco joint was our favorite spot! We could have seriously had lunch and dinner here every day, just sayin.

It's also the perfect place for kids-- from there seating, atmosphere, to their fresh juices--there's something for every kiddo-- and they really accommodate too! Ellie wanted mango tacos, yes literally mango and corn tortillas, and that's what she got. She was the happiest kid ever :) My recommendations: the guac, taco sampler, kale salad, and the plantain app. AMAZING!!

Other Favorite Dinner Spots:


-Le Zebra

-La Onda

-The Real Coconut

Kid Friendly Dessert Spot-

Origami-our favorite gelato spot! The caramel gelato was so our go to all week!! Also very kid-friendly with plenty of spots to sit and so many different options from gelato to popsicles!

The Real Coconut- their vegan brownies are to die for. I could go for one right now...scratch that the whole batch.

Kid Friendly Breakfast Spots-

Nekhtar- This place serves breakfast ALL day, so I was instantly a fan!! Ellie was obsessed with their freshly made popsicles. I loved their avocado toast, fresh juices, and smoothie bowls.

Matcha Mama- Ellie thought it was pretty cool to have breakfast while swinging!! She loved the mango smoothie! My favorite was their coffee with coconut milk and agave--so yum!

Raw love- the atmosphere was so cool here and we also got to sit on a swinging chair while enjoying one of the yummiest smoothie bowls!!

Most places in Tulum are very kid-friendly as far as food goes, and theres A LOT of delicious food everywhere!!

Kid-Friendly Activities:

Grand Cenote- Ellie loves snorkeling so we knew this was going to be fun! We ended up doing it on two different occasions!! Both times we went in the middle of the day and had no problem snorkeling even though we have been warned to arrive early to beat crowds. Their were people but it didn't take away from the Cenote at all. We swam with turtles, it was a lot of fun!! Ever since we got back from Mexico, Ellie has been asking me everyday to take her back to the Cenote to snorkel, I know will be back soon enough!!

Tulum Ruins- We got here right before TONS of people showed up! The Tulum ruins are so close to where we were staying and we enjoyed walking around the ruins learning new things about the Mayan culture. It was pretty cool and the location is ideal! It's def on one of the most beautiful beaches I've ever seen!! We were able to enjoy 40mins before crowds of people starting showing up. Ellie thought it was pretty cool.

Downtown Tulum- A short taxi from our hotel, we checked out the shops where the prices were great! Ellie picked out sunglasses, a doll, and dress! I got a pair of earrings. We had a lot of fun checking out all the local shops and we also stopped for iced coffee and froyo! We didn't get to try any taco spots but I've heard of some really good places I hope to check out next time!

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