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After traveling I love getting back into my daily routine, not saying I snap right back into it but I'm a firm believer in baby steps. I always get a lot of questions about how I stay consistent, and I'll start by saying building positive habits is a game changer! So without further ado here is my morning routine!

My Morning Routine:

7:30 a.m.: My dogs are usually my alarm clock! (or the neighbors dogs lol) I usually lay in bed for 10-15 mins checking emails before getting Ellie up and letting the pups out!

8:00 a.m.: Start making breakfast for Ellie, usually oatmeal with fruit!

8:15 a.m.: I head to Starbucks and get my Venti pike place coffee with sugar free mocha! This is a STAPLE for me!!

8:45 a.m.: After coffee I usually like to meditate and stretch for 15-20 mins, Ellie joins me as well which is fun and a great way to get kiddos moving and starting healthy habits too!

9:00 a.m.: After meditating I make my-go-to Green Smoothie! I've been drinking this pretty much everyday for the last 3 years when I first discovered this amazing concoction! Not only is it packed with nutrients but its so yummy, even Ellie loves it.

Kid Approved Green Smoothie:

2 cups of water/or coconut water

1 lemon juiced

1 cup of Kale

1 cup of Spinach

1 Green Apple

Ginger root (optional)


Blend all ingredients together!

9:30 a.m.: Now that I'm fueled with coffee and my green smoothie, its training time! I brush my teeth, wash my face and get dressed in my workout clothes! I'm currently obsessed my new Under Armour set that I got from Amazon. Right now Amazon is giving away a FREE Echo Look when you spend $75 on any featured item.

I don't know about y'all but when I get NEW HIGH QUALITLY gym wear that's cute and functional it makes me feel instantly more confident to take on my workouts. Also who doesn't like showing off their new gym wear, especially when the fit is just right?!!

For The Runners:

Under Armour Hover Phantom Sneakers is a must for any runner!! They *SYNC* to you phone and keep track of your runs! SO COOL!!!!! Plus they are super comfortable and cute! #RunnersDream :)

The Vanish Hi Zip Bra is super supportive and functional for long runs and sprints!


The Streaker Tank is perfectly functional for heavy lifts. I love the fit and material, especially when I'm benching or training upper body!


Fly Fast Raised Thread Leggings are also super comfy and functional! They are sleek and have a really cool shine a leg detail! I love finding cute leggings that are SQUAT PROOF!! They even have a tie around the waist for extra comfort for leg day or yoga poses!

Qualifier 1/2 zip is perfect for warming up or heading out after a class or training sesh! I love that it has cutouts on the sleeves for my thumbs, I don't know why but I have a slight obsession with cutouts and sleeves :) The fabric is also super comfy and breathable!

Overall this Under Armour set is perfectly functional for whatever workout your going for, while being stylish and cute!

9:45 a.m.: It's go time! I love sticking to a schedule when it comes to training. When I'm in a time crunch I usually opt for my at home full body circuit workout!

11:00 a.m.: Progress Pic Time!

I love keeping track of my progress by taking pictures. I don't use a scale and I find this way to be more beneficial and easier! Recently I've been using my Amazon Echo Look hands free camera feature. It's so easy to use, all you need to do is download the app and the photos sync to your phone! I use it weekly to track my progress and it helps me stay motivated!! I also love using my Echo Look to stream music for my workouts, super convenient!

That pretty much sums up my daily morning routine! I'd love to hear your favorite part of my morning routine and your favorite piece from my Under Armour workout look. Let me know in the comments below!!

My favorite pieces:

*Fly Fast Raised Thread Leggings & Under

*Armour Hover Phantom Sneakers

Also if your looking to step up your progress pic game go check out the featured items on Amazon Fashion and you'll recieve a FREE Echo Look with your Purchase!! :)

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