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Hello Third Trimester- Pregnancy Update!

ummmm...where has the time gone?!! Honestly this pregnancy has been so easy and different than the first time I was pregnant. I have a theory it's because I'm having a boy this time and having a 6 year old makes the time go by a lot faster.

Anyways I wanted to do a little update since I haven't really blogged this experience this time around, mainly due to the fact we have been traveling so much and again this pregnancy has been easier for me!

If you're wondering what kind of baby goodies I've been stocking up on, for the real real; I haven't purchased ANYTHING yet. I know most people by now have a couple of essentials or basically everything they'll need or maybe wont even use. But being a second time mom we have an advantage to knowing what we actually need! (if I can still even remember since that was like 6 years ago and pregnancy brain is taking its toll on me)

With less than three months left I've decided to start getting organized and start putting together some baby essentials. Obviously the most important things I'll need are clothing, diapers, bottles, bassinet and car seat. Pretty much everything else is extraaa or things I will need to purchase at a later date. Also the hospital does supply A LOT of things I will need. I have a few brands and shops in mind and once I finish my research and purchases I will be putting a list together! I'm def looking at products that are more organic and sustainable, because they usually last longer and aren't filled with harmful chemicals!

Okay so to end this update I thought it would be fun to do a little more detailed update, so below is a fun questionnaire I found!

How Far Along?

– 32 weeks!

Weight Gain?

– I've gained about 18 pounds!

Maternity Clothes?

– No and yes lol I've been purchasing normal clothing in bigger sizes. The only maternity I've gotten is one pair of jeans and I'll be purchasing leggings soon!


– It get a little uncomfortable at night, mainly pressure and the baby non stop kicking me. I'm carrying a lot lower so its been different. Once I fall asleep I'm fine until I have to pee, which is 3 times a night and i'll just zombie walk so I can fall right back asleep lol.

Best Moment This Week?

– Hearing the baby's heart beat at my doctor visit! I look forward to this every month!

Weird Pregnancy Moment?

– so like I mentioned above I'm carrying the baby super low this time compared to last time with ellie, she was mainly in my rib cage. So this time around when the baby kicks he is kicking very low, basically like he's trying to get out of my vagina lol sry but its true and I've read a lot of ppl go through this. Its very uncomfortable and a bit scary bc he literally feels like he's going to come out lol. But he's reposition now so the kicks are back to where I'm a lot more comfortable lol

Baby Movement?

– moving all the time! especially after I eat or drink something.

Food Cravings?

– Kale lol I know I'm weird but I just love kale and my favorite snack is fig spread with white cheddar cheese and crackers lol and of course cookies of all kinds. But even when I'm not prego I'm craving cookies 24/7

Anything Making You Queasy?

– I don't eat meat or fish to begin with, but the smell and thought of it makes me sick lol


– Baby Boy!

Something You’re Looking Forward To?

– Obviously meeting my baby boy and seeing him for the first time!! But I'm really enjoying this pregnancy and selfishly don't want it to be over!!! But at the same time I can't wait to sleep on my stomach again, that is when I get to sleep again in like 2 years lol

This was super fun to reflect and fill out! Feel free to do it yourself and let me know in the comments if you do or paste your answers there!! :)

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