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Babymoon in Hawaii! Food & Sights Guide

For our final family trip of 3 we decided we wanted a chill and relaxing destination. After traveling all through Europe in the spring and this summer to Iceland and Ireland; we knew we wanted to slow things down a bit. Now I'm not the worrisome type but what freaked me out the most when choosing a spot with no outbreaks of Zika, and we knew the caribbean was out. Now pregnancy brain is a REAL thing and I had forgotten about Zika when I was originally planning this final trip months ago and our top choices at the time were Jamaica or Turks and Caicos. Since they're a couple hours away and convenient for us. But for some reason zika popped into my brain and those places were ruled out immediately. Now I've ALWAYS wanted to go to Hawaii, I mean it does get a lot of hype. But a 10 hour flight was not looking so relaxing at 6 months pregnant and after all our recent travels.