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Turning 30 has me thinking about a lot of things, especially my skin care routine. I have really dry uneven skin, so I was really excited to add Olay's Tone Perfection Serum with B3 + Vitamin C to my regime! I'm sure you all know the benefits of Vitamin C and B3, but for those who don't Vitamin C helps with uneven skin tone and the brightness of skin. B3 helps with retaining skin's moisture and helps smooth out skin's texture and reduce the look of wrinkles. Like I mentioned before my skin is super dry and uneven so I was super excited to try this serum out and love that it's affordable too!!

My Skin Care Routine:

So after having Arlie its been hard to stick to a good routine when it comes to my skin. But I am determined now that he's a couple months old to focus on my skin's health. Especially with less sleep I just felt like my skin was looking super dull and dry. Here's my skin routine I've been doing for a couple of weeks!

Morning: Wake up, wash face, apply Olay's Tone Perfection Serum with B3 + Vitamin C, and end with my usual moisturizer.

Night: makeup remover, wash face, face mask, apply Olay's Tone Perfection Serum with B3 + Vitamin C and end with my usual moisturizer.

So after sticking to this routine for a few days I noticed my skin was way more hydrated and softer throughout the day!! After a few weeks my skin looked WAY brighter and just had overall better glow. Here's my before/after photos:

I think its obvious the left is before and the right is after!!! I can't believe how much better my skins looks but more importantly how it feels!! I feel like the biggest difference is how my skin glows now and my tone is way more even. My skin overall feels so much softer and hydrated! I also love that my skin doesn't feel sticky but smooth. I highly recommend this product to add to your skin care routine it will literally brighten up your life!!!

I also want to point out that none of the images featured in this post have been retouched. As part of the new Olay Skin Promise, they are pledging to no longer retouch any of their advertising materials, which goes for sponsored influencer content, too!